Studio DG Consulting and AJAX


DG Consulting study, in order to offer more services to its customers, he began a collaboration with AIACE Association (Associazione Italiana Advanced Consumer Assistance) making it the seat of reference for Rome.

AJAX social objectives such as support, training, information and the protection of all citizens in their capacity as consumers, savers and users with particular focus on those who are disadvantaged in economic and social development.

AJAX is for the sole purpose of protecting fundamental rights of consumers, investors and users in General including, but not limited to:
in defence of legitimate interests) and financial;
b) assistance and defence against cyber threats;
c) the protection of savings;
d) contrast to wear in accordance with legislation in force;
and health protection);
f) Legality of the market;
g) safety and quality of products and services;
h) right to a correct and adequate information;
the) right to fairness, transparency and equity in the Constitution and in the performance of the contract concerning goods and services;
j) fairness and clarity of advertising;
k) provision of services of public interest according to standards of quality and efficiency, with particular regard to the health service, the postal service, the public duty of supervising and control of credit, insurance, securities, pharmaceutical, transport, telecommunications and services, as well as urban planning and construction;
l) everything else can be ascribed to the theoretical and practical setting of the so-called "consumerism".

If you need protection, you can join to AJAX through our Studio.

More information on AIACE can be consulted on the official website (link to website).

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