Legal area

The study uses external professionals who provide legal services in civil and administrative law, by making available, upon request, references and case law and legal opinions in the most varied subjects of private law of obligations and contracts, as well as in administration, in relations between individuals and PP. AA.

Lawyers and professionals that are part of our network provide, inter alia, contractual assistance through the drafting of contracts, private writings, transactions, agreements of various kinds, according to customer's requests and needs the correct adapting contract type of reference. The assistance also takes the form, as well as in drafting letters, warnings, acts of formal-just to mention some of the most popular activities-in the drafting of written legal opinions, which are effective instruments for Assisted point and waves qualify legally the matter brought to the attention of the trader, and to propose possible solutions and strategies to follow to protect the interests of the customer.

Legal professional activity goes so far as to possible legal assistance bodies of the ordinary magistrates (justices of the peace, Court and Court of appeal), both as plaintiff and defendant.

Judicial activities most popular are those of debt collection, civil enforcement, compensation, opposition to administrative penalties and payment folders issued by the managing authority of collection (Equitalia).