Jobs Act: the first decrees

Have been published in issue 54 of 6 March of the official journal, the first two legislative decrees, implementation of the "Job Act".

These are, in particular:

1) d. Lgs. # 22/2015 for the reorganization provisions of the legislation on social safety nets in case of involuntary unemployment (NASPI) and relocation of the unemployed;

2) of legislative decree. # 23/2015 containing provisions concerning contract of indefinite duration in increasing protections.

The latter Decree, which we already busy commenting on its draft decree approved before last Christmas, is especially interesting and innovative, having permanently deleted the reintegratoria protection of the workplace in the event of unfair dismissal, except in cases of discriminatory dismissal or none at all, to make room for a purely compensatory protection.

The provisions contained therein are applicable to new contracts concluded after the entry into force of the new decree.

Links to official texts of the decrees published in G.U.R.I.:

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Tiziano Tommasiello