About us

The global marketplace has changed the rules of the game and what the firm
need: concepts such as sharing, flexibility, interaction and collaboration become cornerstones upon which to develop professional career, virtually creating new organization format: we are a network of professionals.
The market and people's needs change quickly and so their satisfaction penalize those archaic structures, strict and complex that they cannot adapt to change. Studio D.G. Consulting is a network of professionals able to assist clients with a 360 degree consulting through a form of cooperation and integration of their professionals without sacrificing the identity and autonomy of individual components. This structure allows to have multiple benefits such as:
competence and professionalism based on personal experience of the professionals, who operate throughout the national territory and who have gained several years of practice;
best service linked to cost optimisation and exploitation of modern technological resources;
uniformity equal treatment and high quality standard offered;
-possibility to face any problem because the synergies developed through the network are greater than individual individuality.

D.G. Consulting represents the evolution of a modern concept of aggregation and online community aimed at bringing together diverse expertise in one organization that can optimize time, minimize costs and ensure a broad spectrum of service (from the simplest situation up to the most complex ones) while maintaining a high standard of quality. Professionals are certified public accountants and/or auditors; only the best are part of our structure.